Zack Price

When I’m not helping little old ladies cross the street, I do fun shit & start companies I think are cool. Currently Say hi & let’s be besties, k?

The Tinder Swipe of Startup Life (a svbtle rap)

It’s been 2 months on Svbtle

still dunno what to say

Is Bitcoin in a bubble?

sure seems to smell that way

I never got an MBA

but if you’re a VC

I’ve got the next Yelp & Uber

for AirBnB

with their million dollar guarantee

so don’t give me a label

but would you mind if I compared

my app to OpenTable?

Cuz I’m fully able

to expand another vertical

just gimme a term sheet

with a note that’s convertible

Business plans??

How bout Instagrams

and Twitter fans

keep shaking hands

ride Lyft mini-vans

in distant lands

take a chance

Disrupt, innovate & fight

In the Tinder Swipe of Life

2 roads diverge into the night

finger flicks are for forever

Why ever left? Swipe Right

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